With the SpeedStep design software solutions, you can optimize the creative processes in your design department. The Design Suite is the professional platform for textile and moded design.


Sketch® Style Development
More and more shapes and variants have to be created this season. Detailed drawings are required to ensure quality requirements.

In many garment sector companies these requirements can only be met with a high amount of time.

Sketch® is the solution for fast and professional style development.
The advantages at a glance!

Change of color, line width, brush width and drawing tool without interruption of the function
Copying and movement functions
Drawing function for creating seams, zips and buttons
Zooming with active character functions
Scanner interface for direct data import
Function for converting pixel graphics to vector graphics

Production drawings

Function for scaling drawings
Text, marking and arrow function for production notes
Integration with Speedstep's PDM software

Building blocks and objects

Integrated function for creating seams, zips
Libraries for seams and zippers

Integrated database
Tailored functions for the garment area
Fast-to-learn operation

System Requirements

Win 7 / Win 10


Painter® Design Development
The demands on the creativity of your company are growing steadily. You want to react quickly and flexibly to the expectations of your customers. The large number of models and collections compels you to optimize your collection and increase your safety. The creative department has become a service center. The support of their own sales, product management with the customer, trend, color information and clear specifications for the production are now part of the design tasks. Cost control plays an equally important role.

Painter® is the solution for a modern creative department:
Not every design has to be made up. Cost-intensive mistakes are avoided. The rapid collection development and customer-oriented product development is guaranteed.

Powerful character functions
Change of color, line strength and drawing tool without interruption of the function.
Special paint effects, watercolors, chalk and pastel pens
Copying and movement functions
Zooming with active character functions, text function and sending of e-mails

Overview of software functionality
Floater concept for moving and changing in pixel graphics.
"Drag and drop" for data exchange between open work surfaces.
Function for combining image data.
Multiple Undo
Intelligent features seamlessly integrate Microsoft Office products and OLE-enabled standard applications
Windows compatible file format
Automatic generation of common file formats such as JPG, BMP, TIF, PSD and GIF
Integrated motif library as a fundus for motifs
Color books
Color books allow easy and reliable
Control over exactly reproducible colors.
Integrated color books with over 20,000 colors
Administration and installation of season or customer color cards.
Load standard color palettes.
Working in True Color Mode with over 16 million usable colors
Automatic color examples in the picture.

Color changes
Color filling function
Easy and multiple color change
Color exchange function
Color change within tone groups also in True Color originals.
Automatically create color combinations.
Multiple transparency and color protection.
Define color groups for easy color change.

Sample filling functions
Filling of patterns with automatic reapporting and in the thread run.
Filling shading.
Placing labels, logos, embroidery, motifs and motifs with transparency function and adjustment of the proportion.
Pattern filling or placing of fabrics with transparency setting.
Place motifs and logos in photos using background shadows.
Realistic filling of substances in photos.
Creation and management of color variants within an image file.
Fabric Dessin
Import of image data
Data transfer via Twain interface from scanner or digital camera.
Special filters for processing imported image data
Subsequent modification of the image resolution (DPI).
Subsequent change in color depth.
Fast and accurate color reduction of unnecessary colors for scanned materials and drawings.
Color reduction according to halftones.
Special function for cleaning color-reduced image data such as protecting colors or special color pencils.

Creating your own Fabricdessins
Powerful repeat generator with standard offset types and settings for repeat size.
Easy rape positioning with automatic control.
Copying and movement functions.
Character and color fill functions for editing the repeats.

Storyboards and Catalogs
Create storyboards and virtual prototypes for collection and customer presentation.
Integration with Microsoft Word to create sales documents with Internet format storage.
Open standards allow integration into other catalog creation applications.

Tissue simulation

Easy and fast stripping and checker making.
Integrated library of over 300 bindings.
Administration and creation of individual bindings.
Free choice of chain and weft in color and width in different units.
Uses of multiple bindings within a check or weaving.
Automatic rapporting from check or stripes
Structural simulation of woven, knitted or knitted fabrics.
Manage and create your own structures.
3D Simulation
Edit, load and save selections and control grids for 3D simulation.
Filling fabrics with 3D effects in true color photos with shadow consideration.

System Requirements
Win 7 / Win 10

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