“pod-Pattern on Demand®”


Customized clothing
Is now one of 10 Megatrends in the aparel and fashion industry. Today, more and more companies want to offer the customer the opportunity to co-design his personal clothing style as a co-designer. The fact that such individualized fashion is to be made to measure is only a logical consequence. This concept also breaks the classic production and supply chains, since only ‘on demand’ is produced and delivered. In this context, lot size 1 and industry 4.0 are keywords which are named.

For the supplier and manufacturer of such an individual fashion there are different challenges!

  • Suitable offer and production platform (co-designer platform)
  • Automatic transfer of orders to a CAD system
  • Automatic processing of the orders from the order to a finished section
  • Reliable, fast and reproducible processing
  • How can you ensure your beauty
  • Corresponding output of the cut / slice images
  • Production order for production
  • Production tracking up to delivery
  • Information for the customer about progress and delivery of the order
  • And others

For all these requirements, our system ‘pod – Pattern on Demand ®’ offers you a solution!

You will find more information here: ‘pod – Pattern on Demand ®’ 

Because “pod – Pattern on Demand®” is a sales and production platform for your fashion!

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